Guest Post From Joe

Hello everyone! Ana is taking a break today and I’m stepping in to share a few thoughts. I haven’t done anything crafty lately, so I thought I would talk about food–something that is near and dear to my heart. Lately, I’ve been struggling with lunch. Since working for Apple, I have to pack a lunch or eat out and eating out is just too expensive to become a daily thing. Alas, a sandwich everyday or even leftovers can just become boring. Therefore, I’ve decided on something that will help put some variety into my midday meal.

The Bento Box!

Now, bento is traditionally a Japanese packed lunch, usually fun to look at and fun to eat, but this practice can also be applied to lots of foods and can be a great way to pack some variety into your day. Typically, there are only a couple of rules to look at when packing lunch bento-style.

First, choosing the right size lunch for you. This site has a neat link that shows you how to pick a bento size based on age, weight, and level of activity. One neat thing about this is that the size of the bento in ml is usually equal to the calories the meal contains (if packed correctly). Second, bento is packed using three parts: A: 3 parts grain dishes, 1 part protein dishes, 2 parts vegetable dishes; B: without candy, junk food or fatty food; and C: without empty space. Third, bento lunches are made to be fun so try to experiment with new foods.

The lunch box I would like to get…The famous Mr. Bento

Here is a link to some new recipes you can try if you want to make a bento box at home!

Thanks for listening,


Q. What was the last exciting thing you’ve had for lunch?

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4 responses to “Guest Post From Joe

  1. I like this idea. It’s like “toddler” meals for adults.

  2. superjessleong

    oOoo thats is sooo VERY awesome! i tried making these before!! haha :D it worked for the first few weeks of school then i jst kinda got lazy tomake them X)

  3. Thanks again Joe! Superjessleong, if you have any suggestions for meals sent them this way. I know Joe would love them!

  4. superjessleong

    hmm!! my fav one is one my mom used to make me when i was a child X) it was a fried rice with dark soy sauce then id put in the sausages and my brocolli as well as mini potatos!! its not really fancy but i did enjoy that when i was younger :) if interested maybe ill do a blog on that sometime soon! :)

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