Week 10- Sun, Moon, and Stars

Last Week we took an unexpected break from Toddler Preschool…

Easter Sunday, Lil Man woke up with a slight fever and was super cranky, which we thought was teething. Boy were we wrong. By that evening he was running a 104 temp even with meds, which meant a trip to the Dr and a week of crazyness. He was so sad all week, but we spent most of it on the couch with blanket and pillow and watched movies when he was awake to encourage him to rest. We were so glad that this morning he was back to himself, chasing the little girls around the church and visiting with everyone. We are very thankful April is almost over!

This Week- Sun, Moon, and Stars, and Counting;  Lil Man- 15 months

With last week being as crazy as it was, we are going to take it a bit slow this week with crafts and activities. We are all recovering Mom and Dad included. Lol, even Bo has had a rough week! As always, we try to work on using our words, but we have hit a funny stage of toddler hood where fits better convey feelings… not going over too well with anyone. So as we are recovering we will also be working on using our words instead of whining.

Exploring to be had-

Counting with fingers

Looking at the Moon and stars (stay up late one night)

Song to be Sung-

Twinkle, Twinkle little Star

Art to be tried-


Sun craft

Mommy Things- We have been enjoying warm beautiful weather, the park, great food, and going to bed early, in our house recently. There is just something about that time after everybody feels well again, it’s like spring for the soul. We are coming out of survival mode and into trying to live again, and we are excited to see what this next month will bring.

Week 9- Easter

The satsuma trees are blooming, which hopefully means that Spring is finally here to stay! In other news, lil man cut two molars yesterday, which may explain the crazy amounts of crankiness that we experienced last week. Because of yesterday, and a last resort on our sanity, our son also knows how to say ice. Seriously, Friday I was so tired I ached, and was in bed at 8:00. Anyone have any teething remedies for parents? I think we are going to have to throw a party when he finally gets all of his teeth, no really. In the midst of all our crazy teething woes last week, we had fun exploring outside!


We had fun finding tiny flowers (aka weeds, but don’t tell him) in our yard. This was after chasing a turtle that decided to visit us and maybe some Cheerios we left out for the birds…


He was big and fast for a turtle and what looked like a pretty strong jaw, so no touching Mr. Turtle for us. If it helps size wise, those are magnolia leaves next to him/her.


We also enjoyed a little gardening with dirt bath (Baking soda with water and food coloring).


Flower art was a fun distraction on Friday, and it turned out really cute.


Because we are officially in Holy week, the week before Easter, we will be doing Easter-y things this week.

This week- Jesus loves us, Easter things, in and out. Lil Man- 14 Months

Exploring to be had-

Dying Easter Eggs

Easter Egg hunt

Story to be read-

The Sun Stops Shining (Jesus Storybook Bible)

Song to be Sung-

Jesus Loves me

Art to be tried-

Tape cross

We hope everyone had a beautiful Palm Sunday! We enjoyed worshiping and fellowship with our Square family. If you are in our area, and don’t have a place to worship, we would love for you to stop by. For more info follow this link!

Week 8- Growing Things

We had an eventful week last week… this past week has felt like a month!


However the grass did get mowed, Lil Man had his first Easter egg hunt, and we had fun learning about land and water.


Lil Man enjoyed his sand table.


Ice panting turned out to be super cool, pun intended 😉


And super toddler found lots of eggs!


Puppy brother was very comforting to a needy little boy. They have both been really cute to each other even if Bo freaks like its storming outside every time he gets close… poor dog.

This week- Growing things, pink, short and tall; Lil Man- 14 months

Main Story of the week-

Oh Say can you Seed? By Bonni Worth

Things to be explored-

Gardening bath, with real tub safe dirt dough!

Exploring the grass and flowers (and in our case weeds)

Art to be tried-

Coke bottle flower craft (bottom of the coke bottle makes a great flower shape)

Song to be Sung-

Go Serve Our World

With the craziness last week, this week is scaled back a little. We hope to enjoy lots of outside time and fun learning about all the things God made and is making new each day.

What’s Mom listening to and reading? I really wanted to share two AWESOME sites that have helped me spend more time in God’s word recently, She Reads Truth and The Verses Project. She Reads Truth is a daily devotional that can be sent to your email or read from their site. Every morning, before I get out of bed, the email is waiting with a passage and meditation or devotion. They have their background on the site if you are curious, but in my book they are pretty sound. The other site am so thankful to have found is The Verses Project. Every week they put out a free song, graphic, and meditation for a passage to memorize. Currently Ephesians 2:1-10 are the verses we are working though, but broken apart over several weeks. Now I know what you may be thinking, we used songs back in Sunday School and VBS to memorize… and no thank you. Well, here’s the fun part, these songs are actually good (some better than others) and they are free to download (as long as you promise not to try to profit from their work.) So far Ephesians 2:4-5’s song has been my favorite, and did I mention that they use the ESV word for word.  Also loved this message from Passion City Church in Ephesians 5. Just saying, I am enjoying being camped out in Ephesians the past couple of weeks, good stuff.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week and enjoys some beautiful spring weather!