Puddles in the Desert

Happy May! I can’t believe we have been here for over two months. This past month has been fun, crazy, and full of adventure. We even got a couple big rain storms, and lil Man got to stomp in puddles! The first real rain storm came through during his nap, so after days of him asking about rain, we woke him up and let him watch it pour from the balcony. We went down right after the rain stopped, and he was in heaven.


Puddle stomping is good for the soul.

Fun tidbit, the rain smell in the desert is not the same as the coast. I’ve heard people describe it different ways, but to me it has the slight smell of campfire with an earthy, dirty hint. We’ve had a couple days where it didn’t rain, but the smell was still in the air… not sure how it works but I’m beginning to love it.


“Don’t you forget about me!” Catching rain drops

A couple Saturdays ago we had a bit of wanderlust and wanted to get out of the valley, so we took about two hour trip north to Sedona.We ate at Cowboy Cafe on the main stretch of Sedona. We ate rattlesnake sausage, cactus fries, and buffalo. I highly recommend Cowboy Cafe if you are planning on eating in Sedona and want to try something new. They even have a Rattlesnake corndog on the kids menu, with real rattlesnake sausage! The prices were reasonable for a tourist town, and the food was amazing.


Enjoying the view in Sedona.

Since Sedona is a part of the National Parks, we went by the Visitor Center and picked up a National Parks annual pass before heading toward the trails. The weather was beautiful, and about 10 degrees cooler than in the Valley. We made our way down to a fun watering hole, and let lil Man splash to his heart’s content.


Splashing without a care in the world.

It is awesome to be so close to so many amazing national, regional, and city parks with great hiking trails and gorgeous views. We really have enjoyed getting out in to nature and getting to know a little more about Arizona by experiencing the paths and not just the roads. (Don’t worry, we are staying on the beaten paths. I’m still a bit nervous about the creatures that live off it…)


The family that Hikes together takes great pictures together.

We know the heat is coming, so as much time we can spend outside now, we embrace it. Lil man has even taken some pretty long bike rides around the neighborhood… looks like a real bike may be in our pretty near future.


Lil Man took a mile bike ride around the neighborhood.

May is going to be a pretty crazy month… Joe graduates with his MDiv, the Grands are coming to visit, I’m starting a class for my license, and we get to celebrate a couple birthdays and Mother’s Day. Can’t wait to see what adventures this month will bring.

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