The Summer Begins

Welcome to June. May was mild with a handful of days hitting above 100, and it was absolutely beautiful. We enjoyed more hiking and time with family. Mornings are still cool, and driving a couple hours north means even cooler temps and completely different scenery. IMG_6135Arizona is such a diverse state. Before we moved we would talk about all the day trips we could take to national parks or different climates, but I don’t think it hit me until we took our first trip to Sedona. Driving two hours through the mountains is a much nicer drive and felt much quicker than a drive across I-10 in Mississippi where all we would see was trees. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the beach views along Highway 90, but the ability to drive a couple hours to get out of the heat would have been nice. weatherSaturday, for example, we went about 2 1/2 hours north to Flagstaff, gained over 6,000 feet in elevation and it was 30 degrees cooler! While it’s getting a little hot for our family to hike in the valley, we can still drive a few hours and enjoy hiking through the summer. Speaking of summer, it is here…IMG_6211 (1)Which makes me very thankful for being able to watch the Diamondbacks in the Air Conditioned Chase Field! Little tidbit about me, I enjoy watching baseball live, but I tolerate it on tv. I think it is the drone of the announcers’ voices and the constant talking… Live is so much more relaxing, and I love to try out new ballpark foods. Monday we hit up our first Diamondbacks game as an early Father’s Day present for my dad. 13325632_10100129452363838_6361808078843761931_nI was not disapointed when it came to the food selection, Chicken and Waffles, fried okra, and sweet tea from Lo-Los hit the spot. I may have also eaten a Churro Dog… a churro on a donut bun topped with ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate and caramel sauce… I may have shared (and forgotten to take a picture).13269280_10100129360882168_447692065223367519_nLil man loved checking out the Sandlot, and took his turn on the wiffle ball field for a little batting practice on the upper level before the game started. IMG_6145We also signed him up for the Kids Club, which means he gets a prize for every game we go to. This game he got a fun lanyard and a toothbrush from Delta Dental. He also gets in free on Sundays with the purchase of an Adult ticket in certain sections. We know lil man had a blast, and he even got his first foul ball.
13344562_10100129452313938_3620314834623542763_nI think it is safe to say that we will be going back. It did take a little bit to get used to watching baseball inside, but when they opened the roof after the game was over it was crazy how bright the sun was in comparison and I was sold. Great way to beat the heat, enjoy baseball, and make lil man’s day! 13335878_10100129360976978_3821862541590348804_nWith summer upon us, and this being the time of year most people are curious about, I am going to be posting once a week starting this month! Be on the look out next week for another post about our Desert life and a giveaway!

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